Anna Lee and her father, Pete with her first Turkey

Learning proper stance and technique is important

The Marbletown Sportsmen's Club Junior Sportsmens Program is a highly successful program that is designed to introduce both children and adults to marksmanship sports.

Safety is the top priority in our Junior Sportsmens Program and we teach archery and firearms safety at every meeting. We believe that everyone should be well versed in handling firearms and archery equipment which is why the program is open to anyone who is interested in learning about safe handling of firearms.

Marksmanship is also an important aspect of our Junior Sportsmens Program. Our instructors are highly experienced in marksmanship and we will teach you the proper techniques to improve your scores, make your hunt more successful and make your entire experience more enjoyable.

For information about the Junior Sportsmens Program, please call Pete Sarr at 845-687-9305, or email

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